About this site:

This is a WordPress theme detector where you can know what theme is used by a site/blog.with theme name you can also know which plugins are used by the site/blog and much more info about detected themes and plugins.

About Whatthemeis.com tool?

Whatthemeis.com is a free tool where you can know what theme and plugins are being used by the site and blog. Apart from theme and plugin, you can also know about the theme's version, theme author name, and a short description of the theme and plugins. whatthemeis.com also detects the theme and plugins are free or paid. If you are looking for the best WordPress theme detector then you can use this tool for free and this theme detector will be always free.

About WordPress Theme Detector:

You can say WordPress Theme Detector is a tool which can detects what themes are used by your competitors or your favorite sites/blogs. this tool does the same thing whatthemeis.com is a WordPress theme detector + a WordPress plugin detector.

Can this site detect the plugins?

Yas, this tool can also detect what plugins are being used by the site/blog. this site is also a WordPress plugin detector. this site not only does WordPress themes detect and know about the WordPress plugins that are used by your favorite blog/site.detect and know more about the plugins that are paid or free and the plugin author also.